As of November 2011, this website is no longer being kept uptodate. It contains NZ Parliament debates from November 2005 to November 2011. is volunteer run, and has been in operation since November 2006.

Submissions on Alcohol Reform Bill

1793 submissions in total

Submitter Evidence files
A W Capamagian 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
ACT on Campus 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
ADHB Mental Health Family Steering Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
ADHB Mental Health Family Steering Group Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Aakash Chhibber 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Abbie Waller 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Action on Alcohol Taranaki 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Active West Coast 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adam Douglas Canning 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adam and Andrea Latoa 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adel Jamati 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adele Dyer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adrian Voykovich 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adrienne Campbell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adrienne Coleman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adrienne Nicholls 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Adrienne Robinson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Advertising Standard Atuhority 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Air New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan & Barbara Bolam 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan M Bell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan Sciascia 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan Swallow 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan W Lion 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alanna Harrington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alastair Hall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action NZ Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action NZ Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action NZ Supp3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action NZ Supp4 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action NZ Supp8 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action Of New Zealand Supp 7 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action South Canterbury 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action of New Zealand Supp 5 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Action of New Zealand Supp 6 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Healthwatch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alcohol Healthwatch Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alex Cockburn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alex Lanning 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alex Woods 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alex and Alison Aitken 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alexander O'Donnell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alisa Speight 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alison Kitchin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alison M Linscott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alison Mackay 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alison Shaw and 2721 others (White Postcard) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alistair Cameron 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Allan E Webb Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Allen E Webb 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Allen J Little 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Allied Health Professional Associations Forum 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Allison Roe 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Allison Roe MBE 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Altered High Youth Service 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Amanda Reid 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrea Graham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrea Moore 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Calvert 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Calvert Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Calvert Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Cox 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Dodds 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Larsen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Thomson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew Turpin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andy and Evelyn Tulloch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Angela Bodley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Angela Bodley Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Angela Calkin Goeres 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Angie Mcrobie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anglican Action 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anglican Care Canterbury Westland 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anglican Diocese of Nelson Greymouth & Kumara 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anita Finnema 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anita Stowers (Woody's bar) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ann Fountain 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ann Fullerton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anna Jacob 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anna Rogers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne Bastiaans 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne Crawford 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne Golding 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne Hatfull 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne Moir 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne Morrison 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne Newbold 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne White 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anne-Marie Mildren 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anneka Vuletich 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Annette Mary Paterson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Annette Paterson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Annette Ranson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anthony Arthur Alexander 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anthony Benson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anthony D Haddon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anthony Mayes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anthony Pitt 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anthony Robert Bracefield 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Aoyama trading co 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Archdiocese of Wellington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Archie Kerr 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Art Brammer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Arthur Russell Wells 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Artisan Fine Wine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ashburton Community Alcohol and Drug Service 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ashburton District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...tonDi.pdf
Ashburton Licensing Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ashley Cassidy and 1033 others (Yellow Postcard) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ashley Koning 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Assoc. Professor John Richards (retd) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Association of New Zealand Advertisers Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Association of New Zealand Advertsiers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Association of Presbyterian Women (Nelson) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Association of Grey Power 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Association of Grey Power Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland City Hospital Emergency Department Emergency Physician Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland City Hospital Senior Nursing Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Council Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Injury Prevention Forum 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Latin American Community (ALAC) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Regional Public Health Service 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...ndReg.pdf
Auckland Regional Public Health Services Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Regional Public Health Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Senior Hospitality Managers Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Senior Hospitality Managers Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Senior Hospitality Staff Members 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Audrey McKinley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
August Dean Promotions 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Awaroa Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Babich Wines 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barbara Derecourt 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barbara Grace 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barbara Taylor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barbara and Neil Mountier Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barbera Helm 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barbera and Neil Mountier 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barry Ellis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barry and Patricia Duncan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Barworks Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Base Backpackers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bay of Plenty Auckland Monthly Meeting The Religious Society of Friends Aotearoa New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bayview Wairakei and Chateau Tangariro Resot 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Be Free (Kerikeri) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Beam Global (NZ) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Belinda Cranswick 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bellevue Gardens 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ben Seers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Benjamin Liu 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bentwood Wines 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bernard O'Shaughnessy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Beryl Henwood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Beryl Jack 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bethne R Middlemiss 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Betty Warrington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bev Olson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bevan Hall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Beverley Boardman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Beverley Kingston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Beverley Sue Roser 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bill Carter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bill Holland 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Blackmarket 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bob Gregory 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bonnie Miller Perry 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bouldevines Wine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brenda Comie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brenda Loader 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brendon Sakey CADS (Auckland) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brent Norrish 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brent and Ann Fearnley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brett Thompson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brewers Guild of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Casey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Cheese 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Gee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Peter Robinson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Richard Taylor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Richard Taylor Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Richard Taylor Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Richard Taylor Supp3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Robert Ellis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian Sparrow 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian and Shirley Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bridget Sykes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bridgit Taylor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brogan Powlesland 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bronwyn Malcolm 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bronwyn Phillips 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brother Fish Limited 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bruce Fulford 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bruce McEwan and 225 others (Yellow Newspaper) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bruce Tulloch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bryan Mayall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Buller and Westland Branches of HANZ 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Byron Travis Sanders 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
C S Contracts (t/a Jolly Good Fellows) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
C and M Gardyne 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
CAYAD Clendon/Manurewa 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
CAYAD Horowhenua Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
CJ Pask Winery Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Caitlin Bush 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cameron Ellis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cancer Society 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Candace Robertson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Candor Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Candor Trust Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Candor Trust Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Canterbury District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Canterbury Men's Centre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Capital and Coast District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carey Poulter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carol McIntosh 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carol Walden 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carole George 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carole I Greenwood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carole Lechte 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Caroline Mabry 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Caroline Mabry Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carolyn Casey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carolyn Rosemary Atkinson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carolyn and Kevin O'Connor (New Central Motor Inn and Hotel) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cashmere Hills Presbyterian Church - Church and Society Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cassette Nine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cassie Cross 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Coster 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Gilhooly 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Neill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Neill Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Nicholls 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Peary 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Stringer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Tamaseu 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catherine Tamaseu-Russell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catholic Family Support Services 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catholic Women's League New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cathy Bentley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cathy Winter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Catriona Fisher 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Central Otago District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Central Southland Lodge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Central West Youth Network 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Charlene Rapsey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Charlene Rapsey Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Charlene Rapsey Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Charles Webster 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Charlotte Brebner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chelsea Torrance 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cheltenham Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cherie Hanson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cherie Newlove 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cherry Pearce 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cheryl Clarke 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chi-Yen Huang 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Child Advocacy Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Child Poverty Action Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...overt.pdf
Children's Commissioner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chris Lusk 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chris Marshall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chris Neason 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chris Odell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chris Todd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christchurch Casinos 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christchurch Central Business District Alcohol Accord 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christchurch City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christchurch City Council Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christchurch Methodist Mission 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christeena Macdonald Peaa 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christine Finley and 7 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christine Greenwood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christine Le Mouton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christine Reid 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christine Tuckey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christopher Grant Ellis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christopher Hince 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cindy Penny 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cindy Smithies 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
City Impact Youth 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
City Mission 4 Youth 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Claire Davies 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Claire Gregory 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cliff Turner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cliff Turner Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Clintondale Estate (Whyte Trustee Company Limited) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Club Mt Maunganui and Mt Greens Sports 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Clubs of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Clutha District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Clutha Licensing Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Clyde P Johnson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Coalition for the Saftey of Women and Children 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cock & Bull, Traditional English PUb, Brewery and Restaurant Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cock and Bull Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cock and Bull, Traditional English Pub, Brewery and Restaurant 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cockoo Cocktail Emporium 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Coco Chanelle Club 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Colin Prestidge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Colin Willis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Collaborative Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
College of Emergency Nurses 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Colonel Malone's Restaurant Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Colorpak NZ Limited 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Community Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Community Ministries The Salvation Army Tokoroa 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Community Policy and Resources Team, Rotorua District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Community and Public Health, Public Health Service for the South Canterbury District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Compass Primary Health Care Network 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Constance Robertshawe 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Constellation New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cook Islands Health Network Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Coopers Creek Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Copthorne Hotel & Resort (Bay of Islands) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Copthorne Hotel (Auckland City) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Copthorne Hotel Christchurch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Copthorne Hotel Grand Central (New Plymouth) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cornelia Goijarts 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Coroglen Tavern 2005 Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Coronet Peak Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Corrina Gastro-Best 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Counties Manukau District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Craig Davis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Craig S. Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Crime Prevention Coordinating Committee, Christchurch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Crowded House 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Crowne Plaza Queenstown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cynthia Green 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
D. Cullen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
D. McPherson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
DB Breweries 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dame Laurie Sala. DBE, QSO 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Damien Pennington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dana Roberts 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniel Aldersley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniel Anderson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniel Maathuis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniel Tustin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniel Williams 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniela Bagozzi 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daphne Field 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dariel Evans 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Hookway 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Hookway Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Hookway Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Hookway Supp3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Hookway Supp4 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Williams 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave and Dawn Asher 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Boyd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Close 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Elms 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Farrar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Flavell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Fraser 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David G Graham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Green 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Hawk 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Hrstich 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Kimpton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Maclure 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David McCrostie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Nalden 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Neill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Picketts 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David R Moore 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David R Thew 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David R. Edwards 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Rorke 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Stewart Mullan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Stewart Mullan Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Sydney Elliott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Thomson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Willetts 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David William Kyle 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David and Barbara Appleton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David and Joan Hawke 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David and Sheryl Stones 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David van Coller 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dawn Lilley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dawood Latif 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Debbie Leaver (The Library Cafe and Function Venue) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Deborah Lee Bossé 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Deborah Moore 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Deborah Walsh 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Deirdre Kent 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Deirdre Kent Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Delia Hewson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Denis Hampton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Denis O'Connell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dennis Craw 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dennis Veal 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Department of Psychiatry, Gisborne Hospital 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Department of Psychiatry, Gisborne Hospital Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Department of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Department of Public Health, Wellington School of Medicine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Department of Public Health, Wellington School of Medicine Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Derek Blight 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Derek and Margaret Cahill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dermot Murphy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Derrick Grant Hills 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Desmond Millar Daddy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Destiny Bay Wines Limited 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Detlev Jackson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Diabetes Nurse Specialist Section of NZNO 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Diageo Australia 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Diana Rattray, Vicar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Diane McLeod 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dianne Cavaney 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dianne Hopkins 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dianne Ingham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dickie Humphries 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dion Cooper 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Distilled Spirits Association Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Distilled Spirits Association of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dog Point Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dominii-Marie Nelson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Don Donovan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Don McDonald 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Don Redfearn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Don and Shona Duncan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Donald Bertram 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Donald Feist 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Donaldson Family Limited (Pegasus Bay Winery) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Donna Miers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Donna Northe 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Donna Wilson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dorothy Fisher 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dorothy O'Dell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dorothy Shrimpton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dorothy and Lopi Faleafa 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Albert Makary 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Albert Makary, Dr Tracy Chandler, Dr Grant Shrimpton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Andrew Jull 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Andrew Miller 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Brett McEwan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Clare Murphy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr David Barker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr David Small 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Flora Gilkison 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Florence Stone 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Frances Jean Lowe 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Glenys Weir 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Graeme Woodfield 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Graham Loveridge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Grant Morris and Amberley James 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Heather Guy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr James and Alison Roxburgh 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Jeremy McMinn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Jill McIlraith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr John Lusk 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Jonathan D and Gillian K Henderson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Judy Blakey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr KNP Mickleson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Karla Rix-Trott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Ken M. Johnson, Medical Officer-in-Charge, Student Health Service, University of Waikato 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lisa O'Connell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lorna Archer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lynette Hardie Wills 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lynne John, GP 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Malcolm McKellar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Margaret Abercrombie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Matt Eggleston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Peter Hinds 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Peter Ripley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr R Max Stevenson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Rachael M McLeam 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Richard Steane 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Robert James Harvey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Roddy Campbell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Ruth Spearing 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Sam McBride 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Shanthi Ameratunga 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Sue Creighton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Susanna Kent 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Tasileta Teevale 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Tim Bevin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Tony Farrell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Valerie August 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Vanja Pavarno 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Viola Palmer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Viola Palmer Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Virginia V W McIntosh 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr. Jennifer Hand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Drink Driving Intervention Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dudley Arms Tavern 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dugald Wilson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Duncan Mathieson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dunedin Casinos 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dunedin City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...nCity.pdf
Dunedin Community Law Centre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...nComm.pdf
E A B Bignell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eastbourne Community Centre Youth Worker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eastside Baptist Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eastview Baptist Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eastwood Orthopaedic Clinic 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eden Park Neighbours' Assoc 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Edward Aretino 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Edwina Gould 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eileen Wright 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
El Horno Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eleanor Findlay 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eleanor Findlay Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elisabeth Meng Wong Too 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elisabeth van Alkemade 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elizabeth Cargo 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elizabeth Cleverley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elizabeth Cornelius 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elizabeth Gordon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elizabeth M Caughey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elizabeth M Wright 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Elizabeth Purves 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Emma Turner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Empire Hotel (Palmerston North) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Epirosa Robertson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eric Crampton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eric O'Shea 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Erica Lye 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Erice and Keith Carley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Erika Buky 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ernie Wallace 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Euphoria Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Eva Maria Luise Pick-Stone 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
F. A. Bell and W. T. Bell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
FAR (For Alcohol Reform), North Shore, Auckland 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Faith Baptist Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Family First NZ 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...First.pdf
Family First New Zealnd Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Family Planning 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Far North District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...thDis.pdf
Federation of Women's Health Councils Aotearoa New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fenella Jacqueline Gill and St Oswald's Church One Tree Hill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fetal Alcohol Network New Zealand (FANNZ) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fetal Alcohol Network New Zealand and 12 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Finns Bar (Christchurch and Nelson) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fiona Clapham Howard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fiona Waghorn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fiona and Grant Meyer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Flash 2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Flavoured Beverages Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Floohanui Trevichka 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Florence Brown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Foodstuffs (NZ) Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Foodstuffs (NZ) Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Foodstuffs (NZ) Supp3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Foster's Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Foundation for Advertising Research 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fran Mitchell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fran Parkin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Frances Forsyth 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Frances Tennant-Brown and Rosemary Tredgold 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Frances Thompson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Francis Michael Davis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Francis Thomson (Frank) Neill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Frank R Pierce 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Frank Wells 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Frankie Letford 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Franklin Christian Lobby 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Franklin Healthy Lifestyles Collective 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Frederik Dean 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Freya Read 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fruit Wine and Cider Makers Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
G Thomas Lawn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gae McCullough 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gail Powell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ganesh Cherian 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Garth and Mel MacKenzie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gary Barnes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gary Cavaney 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gateway Church Hibiscus Coast 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gavin E Watson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gavin Logan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gaylene Anderson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gemma Bergin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
GeoHealth Laboratory, Department of Geography, University of Canterbury 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Geoffrey Fyers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Geoffrey Louis Clareburt 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
George Varghese 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Georgina Greville 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Georgina Turner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gerald Beach Restaurantuer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Geraldine Sims 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Getapartybus 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gillian Denny 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gillian Houser (Mangawhai Tavern) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Girish Dayal NZ Leisure 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gisborne District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gisborne East Coast Council of Social Services 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gisborne Winegrowers Incorporated 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Glengarry Hancocks 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gordon Aston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gordon Michie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gordon Plunkett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grace Wood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graeme Dykes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graham Brogden 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graham Gulbransen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graham John Phillips 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graham John Phillips - Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graham Medland - (The Salvation Army Gisborne) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graham Norrish 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grahame David Gee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grand Hotel Onerahi Tavern 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grand Hotel and Onerahi Tavern (Victor Hill) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grasshopper Rock 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gray Southon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Green Rocket 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grey Power New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...werNZ.pdf
Greymouth Seventh Day Adventist Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grigor Christev 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ground Culinary Centre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Group Against Liquor Advertising 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Group of 13 employees of Independent Liquor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gus and Pauline Dermody 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gwynnith Cumming 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
HANZ Counties Manukau 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
HANZ Counties Manukau Branch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
HANZ Marlborough Branch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
HANZ Nelson Branch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hally Labels 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hamilton City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...onCit.pdf
Hamilton Mardon Road Action Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hamilton Methodist Social Services Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hamish James Baxter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hamish MacPherson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hana Parata-Walker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hannah Toby and 93 others (Baby Postcard) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hans G Daellenbach 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Harnie Jo 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Harriet Geoghegan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Harvey Graeme Rosieur 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hastings District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hastings District Council Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hastings and Havelock North Alcohol Accords 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hauraki District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hawke's Bay Addiction Centre Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hawke's Bay Winegrowers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hawkes Bay Primary Health Organisation 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hawthorn Lounge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hayley Boud 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hayley Theyers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hazel Kirkham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
He Oranga Pounamu 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Health Action Trust, Nelson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Healthy Christchurch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Healthy Christchurch and 2 others (Brown Postcard) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Healthy West Coast 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Heather Burnan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Heather Cootes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Heather Muir 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Heather Pearson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Helen Lamont 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Helen Ray 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Helen Trew 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Helen Ward and 149 others (Green Newspaper) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Helene M Coulston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Helene Ritchie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Heretaunga Women's Centre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Highfield Estate 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hilary Beath 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hilda Daw 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hilltop Wines 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hnemaurea Marae Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hog's Breath Cafe (Napier and Hamilton) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hokitika Christian Fellowship 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Homestead Restaurant and Bars 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Homeworks Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hon Jim Anderton MP 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hon Jim Anderton Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hon Lianne Dalziel MP 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hooch Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hope Hicksley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hornby Presbyterian Community Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Horowhenua District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Asscoiation of New Zealand (Auckland) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...ality.pdf
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Canterbury) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Central Otago) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Nelson Branch) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Northland) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (South Canterbury) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Southland) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Wanganui branch) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Wellington) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hospitality Assocition of New Zealand (Hawkes Bay) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hotel Wellington Ltd (Comfort Hotel & Quality Hotel Wellington) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
House on Hood Limited 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
How to Drug Proof Your Kids Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hubert John Marcon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hugh Dacre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hugh Wilson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hurunui Road Safety Coordinator, Hurunui District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hutt Valley Community Law Centre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Iain Ward 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ian Brown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ian Dally 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ian E Greenwood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ian McQueen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ian Sergeant 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ian Young 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Independent Liquor NZ 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Independent Liquor NZ Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Independent Nursing Practise 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Individual 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Individual 2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Infant Mental Health Association of Aotearoa New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Injury Free Counties Manukau Programme Advisory Group (IFCMPAG) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Injury Prevention Network of Aotearoa New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Injury Prevention Research Unit, University of Otago 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Inner City Womens Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Interislander (A division of KiwiRail) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
International Commission for the Prevention 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Interpac 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Invercargill City Council Youth Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Invercargill Licensing Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Invercargill Workingmen's Club 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Iona Pannett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Iona Pannett Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Irene Brodie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Irene Minchin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Isabel Morgan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Isabelle Sherrard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Isobel and Michael Mayman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
J McG.Simpson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
J. G. Nelson Coelho 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
JL and TL Canning 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
JS Williams 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jacinta Hyslop 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jackson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jackson James Wood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jacky Lawry Turner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jacqueline van der Burg 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jacquey Noone 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jacqui Robinson and 24 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James Cone 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James Francis Keenan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James Gilmours and Co 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James Gilmours and Co Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James Sorensen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James and Isabel Campbell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jamie Wilson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janaka Perera 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jane Bruce 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janet Chambers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janet Flavell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janet Vaughan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janet Wishart 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janice Margaret Nihoniho 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janice Margaret Nihoniho Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janice Margaret Nihoniho Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janice Paulin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janine Cornor and John Hunter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Janne & Michael Pender 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jason Pearce 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jason Watts and 1917 others (Black Postcard) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jean Duncan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jean Hansman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeanette Dick 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeanette Fitzsimons 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeanette Naomi Hancock 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeanette Stewart 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeannette Cooke 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeannie McNaughton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeff Garnham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jeffery Russell Hill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jem Pupich 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jenkins Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jenn Hatfull 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jennifer Jameson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jennifer Marshall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jennifer Neill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jennifer Watson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jenny Bunce 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jenny Campbell, QSM 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jenny Dunnett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jenny Dunnett Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jenny Fuller 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jesse Aston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jillian Connole and 208 others (Red and Black Newspaper) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jillian Grainger 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jim Abernethy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jo-Ann Hayward 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joan Margaret Hockey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joan McLellan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joan Middlemiss 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joanna Claridge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joanne Dacombe 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joanne Petrie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joanne Wiklund 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jocelyn Marshall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jocelyn Yearbury 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joe and Rittie Kee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John McVicar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Albert Thorne 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Austin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John C Greenwood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Caygill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Denny 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Flood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Kelleher 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John M Ward 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John McAlpine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Meadowcroft 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Patrick Sullivan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Richardson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Robert Caughley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Shears 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Stansfield 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John and Christine Weaver 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John and Gay Maurice 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John and Marie Clapperton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jonathan Dixon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jonathan Douglas Gillard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jonathan Peter Bagnall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jonathan Peter Bagnall Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jonathan Peter Bagnall Supp 2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jonathan White 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joseph Hwang 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Josephine Anne Dezoete 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Josephine Dodd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Josephine Power 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Josh Thurston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Josh White 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joshua Brucker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joshua Westley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Josie Schroder 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joy Mary Hayes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joy Maxwell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joy and Graeme Cruickshank 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joyce Beck 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joyce Jaquiery 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Judean People's Front 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Judith M Duley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Judith and Glyn Thomas 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Judy Clark 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Julia Moodie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Julian Blanchard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Juliana Venning 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Julie Buchanan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Julie Kerr 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Julie Purdy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Julie Sills 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Juliet Drown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
June Sinclair 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Justin McKenzie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
K' Rd Licensees in Control 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
K' Rd Licensees in Control Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ka Mau Te Wero Charitable Trust Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kaikoura District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kaipara District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kaitangata / Stirling / Lovells Flat Parish Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kapiti Coast District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kareen Turner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Karen Boshoff 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Karen Eagles 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Karen Goa 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Karen Hamilton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Karepa Holdings 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Karl Eckhoff 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kate Elsen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kate Turner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kath Tomlinson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Katherine Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Katherine Smith Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Katherine Smith Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kathleen Allan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kathryn Kitson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kathryn Louise Ritchie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kathryn Taylor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Katie O'Connor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kay Whelan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Keep It 18 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Keith A Stanton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Keith Bruce Taylor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Keith Milligan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Keith Simmons Stanbury 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Keith and Eliane Cowie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kelly Ross 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ken Hix (QF Tavern) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ken Keyte 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kendal Richard Balch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kendrah Wood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kenneth George Lewis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kenneth Leslie Port 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kenneth Royson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kennith Charles Royson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kerry Marshall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kerryann Joy Murphy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kerstin Bain 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kevin Burton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kevin Drummond 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kevin Gattey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kevin Reilly 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kevin Schwass QSM 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kim Abraham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kim Munford 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kimberley Stanley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kina Cliffs Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kina Families & Addictions Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kina Families and Addiction Trust Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate (Dunedin) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel (Greymouth) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel (Hamilton) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel (Paihia) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel (Palmerston North) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel (Rotorua) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel (Te Anau) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel (Wanganui) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kingsgate Hotel, Terraces, Queenstown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kio Kio Women's Institute 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kio Kio Women's Institute Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kira Paul 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kiri Bishop 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kirsten Wharton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kirstin Lindberg 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kirsty Bain 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kirsty Harwood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kiwi Party 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kiwi T's 2000 Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Knox Church Social Justice Work Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kristine Hayward 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kurt Jarrett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kurt Sandtmann 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kylie Gunn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
LOAD Nelson Malborough 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Landmark Estate 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lane Neave (on behalf of 46 licencees) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lauren Williams 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lavinia Dych 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leah Rothman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leanne Mortlock 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Legislation Advisory Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lei Zhang 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leita Fendall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leitu Tufuga 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leon Fredrichberg 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Les Inconnus 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Les Yetman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lesley Lisle 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lesley Munro 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leslie Snape 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leslie and O'Donnell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lewis Marson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Liam Boyle 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Libby Walker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Life to the Max Horowhenua 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Linda Askin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Linda Buckthought 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Linda Gaskin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Linda Pullar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lindsay Bain 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lindsay Middleton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lion Nathan New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Liquor Retailers Grouping 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Liquor Wagon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Liquorland (New Zealand) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lisa Morrison 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Living Streets Hamilton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Liz and Derek Lander 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lleon Downes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Local Government Commission 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...overn.pdf
Local Government New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...overn.pdf
Logan Oliver 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lois Farrow 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lois McGirr 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lois McGirr Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lorraine Forbes-Faulkner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Louise Gray 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Louise McLaughlin-van Rijn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Loyalty New Zealand (Fly Buys) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lucy Hawcroft 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Luke Simpson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Luke Tuffs 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lydia Snell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lyn martin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lynda Boyd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lynda Hannah (Living Legacies) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lynne Jennifer Wall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
M A Pollard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
M A Pollard Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
M Irelle White 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Magazine Publishers Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maggie McGregor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maja Mumenthaler 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Manaia Health PHO 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Manaia Primary Health Organisation 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mandy Pearce 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mangatu Marae 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mantell Investments Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Manukau Alcohol Action Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marcus Y Wilkins 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mardon Road Action Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret A Scott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Bond 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Bothwell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Dacre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Gwynn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Hall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret L Sale 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret M Norris 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Mary Feist 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Nicholas 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Somerville 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Willard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Margaret Willard Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maria Frances Noonan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maria Hammond 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marianne Vine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marilyn Goulter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marilyn Price 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marineland Motel Napier 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marion Macbeth 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marion Poore 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marist Holdings (Greenmeadows) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marjorie Pope 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mark Purchase 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mark Wood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marlborough Chamber of Commerce 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...rough.pdf
Marlborough Winegrowers Association T A Wine Marlborough 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marlene Overend 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mary Hancock 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mary Kath Laita 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mary Patricia Nelson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mary Rose 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Masonic Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Masterton District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Masterton Youth Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Matanisiga Holdings 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mathew Lear 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Matthew Comeskey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maungaturoto Off Licence 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maureen Leslie and 31 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maurice Skiffington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Maurice and Margaret Gorbey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mavis Anne Brackebush and 23 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Max Harre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mazurans Vineyards New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Megan Larken 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mele Fatai Tafengatoto Taufa 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Melton Estate Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Members of RTD producers group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Members of the RTD Producers Group Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mental Health Commission 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...Healt.pdf
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Meren Baird 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Methodist Public Questions Network 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Metiria Turei MP 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Andreasen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Dymond 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Ellis/ Robyn Gleye 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Grigg 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Grigg Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Mee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Rhoades 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Simon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael William Jonassen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael and Dianne Amott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael and Fiona Taler 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michele Lowe 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michele Yeoman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michelle Hazeldine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michelle Milmine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michelle Whitaker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mid Central Health 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mid South Canterbury Area of Royal New Zealand Plunket Society 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mid South Canterbury Area of Royal New Zealand Plunket Society Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
MidCentral Health Public Health Service 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Migrants Support Services Inc 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mike Bunt 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mike Finlayson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mike Gallagher 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mike Hammond 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mike Ikilei 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Millenium Hotel (Rotorua) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Millenium Hotel (Taupo) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Millenium Hotel Queenstown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Millennium Hotel Christchurch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Millennium Hotel and Resort Manuels Taupo 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Milton & Gwen Daly 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Miners on Sea Ltd (Big Fish Bar) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mission Estate Winery - Marist Holdings (Greenmeandows) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Moana Hingston (Westbrooke Tavern) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mollie Halstead 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Molly Aitchison 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mona Townson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Monica Walker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Morgan Gifford 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Morrinsville CAYAD (Community Action Youth & Drugs) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Motel Association of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mothers Union 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mount Ocean Sports Club Incorporated 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mr H J Goosselinn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mr Leslie Snape 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mrs Adrienne Wright 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mrs Lorna Clauson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mrs Rae Montell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mt Albert Residents Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mt Difficulty Wines 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mt Wellington Community Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mt Wellington Licensing Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Muriel Clark 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Muriel F Ross 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Muriel F Ross Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murphy's Law Irish Bar Palmerston North 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murray & Janine Close 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murray Alistair Robertson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murray Howard Coulter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murray Peachey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murray and Claire Stuart 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murupara Community Board, Whakatane District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murupara Community Board, Whakatane District Council Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mussel Rock Cafe Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Myra Carson and 16 others (Red Newspaper) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Myra Harpham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
N Stevenson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nabeel Pirwani 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nadia Freeman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nadine Corcoran 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Naginbhai Neil G Patel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nalda J Timms 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nancy Barnes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nancy Hammond 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Napier City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Natalie Cameron 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nathan Clark 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nathan James Ngatai 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Addiction Workforce Centre (Matua Raki) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Advisory Group on Tertiary Student Drinking 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Association of Retail Grocers and Supermarkets of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Committee for Addiction Treatment 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Council of Women of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...alCou.pdf
National Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML NZ) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Pacific Treatment Forum 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nautilus Estate 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Negociants New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nelson Bays Community Law Service 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nelson City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...CityC.pdf
Nelson Marlborough District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nelson Walker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nevin O'Rourke 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Plymouth District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand AIDS Foundation 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Association of Dairies Groceries and Small Businesses 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Automobile Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...mobil.pdf
New Zealand Beverages 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Christian Network 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses (Inc) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Drug Foundation 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landD.pdf
New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landF.pdf
New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women (Otago Branch) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women (Otago Branch) Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Fire Service 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Fire Service Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Food and Grocery Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Hotel Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Indian Central Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Institute of Liquor Licensing Inspectors 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Law Society 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landL.pdf
New Zealand Licensing Trust Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Marketing Association Inc 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Medical Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landM.pdf
New Zealand Nurses Organisation 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landN.pdf
New Zealand Nurses Organisation - Mental Health Nurses Section 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Orthopaedic Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Pacific Untion Conference of Seventh Day Adventists 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Police Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landP.pdf
New Zealand Psychological Society 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Retailers Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landR.pdf
New Zealand Rugby Union 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Society on Alcohol and Drug Dependence 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Society on Alcohol and Drug Dependence Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Winegrowers 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Young Nationals 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Newspaper Publishers Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nga Mahi Kia Tupato o Tamaki Makaurau Forum 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nga Wairere o Te Ora Clinic 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ngäti Kahungunu Iwi Inc 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Niamh McCarthy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicholas Cross 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicola Cowie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicola Jan Reid 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicola Jane Wynne 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicola Jane Wynne Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nigel Pettigrew 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nigel Turner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nita Richardson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Noeline Bain 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Noeline Gannaway 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nola Drummond 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Norman Gibson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Norman and Barbara Sutton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Norman and Barbara Sutton Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
North Shore Community and Social Services 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Northern Region Policy Committee NZ National Party 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Northland District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Novelli Stock Service Satisfaction 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Office Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Olga Brochner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Olive Lady Hutchins 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Olivia Maxwell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Olssens Garden Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Olwen Holmes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Orakei Baptist Church Leadership Team 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Oranga Community Centre Society 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Otara Action Network 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Otara Gambling and Alcohol Action Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Otara Gambling and Alcohol Action Group Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Otara Health 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Otara Neighbourhood Support 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Otara Wardens 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Oteramika Kennington Presbyterian Parish 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Otumoetai Baptist Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Outreach and Church Ministries (Otago / Southland) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
P B Pallridge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
P Driscoll 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
P J Marshall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
PACIFICA - Tamaki branch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pacific Health and Welfare 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pacific Island Evaluation 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pacific Island Evaluation Incorporated 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paediatric Society of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paediatric Society of New Zealand Supp 2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paediatric Society of New Zealand Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Palmerston North City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...stonN.pdf
Palmerston North SafeCity Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Palmerston North Street Van 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pamela Dawn Davis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pamela Hollows 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pamela Johnstone 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pamela King 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Panmure Business Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Parenting for Men 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Partnership Health Canterbury 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pasifika Injury Prevention Aukilana Incorporated 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pat Nielsen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patricia Byrne 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patricia Gregory 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patricia Laurenson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patricia Moughtin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patricia Scott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patricia Stevenson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patrick Cooney 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patrick Steffert 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul James Quigley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul James Quigley Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul James Quigley Supp 2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul James Quigley Supp 3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul James Quigley Supp 4 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paula Salisbury 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Penelope Gardiner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Penelope Hansen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Penelope Scott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Penny Webster 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pernod Ricard New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Personnal Psychology NZ and Millennium Technology 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter A. Low 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter Cowley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter Dene Robinson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter Lim 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter and Cheryl Fenwick 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter and Helen Blight 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter and Rosemary France 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Petone Working Men's Club and Literary Institute 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Phil Ellis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Phil Taylor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Phil Trotter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philip Grimmett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philip John Lake 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philip McConkey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philip Woollaston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philip and Phoebe Macdiarmid 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philippa Harrison 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Phillip Clement Hadley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Phillip Clement Hadley Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pip Kwiecien 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pitt Street Methodist Church Auckland 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Point Bush Estates Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Porirua Alcohol and Drug Cluster 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Porirua City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Porirua City Council Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Positively Wellington Tourism 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Poutoa Papali' i 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Poverty Action Waikato 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Prashant Joshi 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Prema Subramaniam 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Presbyterian Support Upper South Island 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Presbyterian Support Upper South Island (PSUSI) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Private citizen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Prof John McCall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Prof Richard Beasley and Dr James Fi ngleton Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Professor J Elisabeth Wells 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Professor R B Keey FRSNZ 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Professor Richard Beasley and Dr James Fingleton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Professor Ross Barnett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Progressive Enterprises 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Progressive Enterprises Limited Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Progressive Enterprises Limited Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Progressive Panmure Business Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Prue Thirkettle 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Public Health Association - Otago Southland Branch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Public Health Association of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Quakers The religious society of friends 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Queenstown Alcohol Action 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Queenstown Lakes District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
R P Inagill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
R T Lievert 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
R and D Ventures Limited dba Aratapu Tavern and Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rachel Clark 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rachel Jenner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rachel Orr 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Radio Broadcasters Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...roadc.pdf
Raewyn Rearic 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Raise the Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rangitikei District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...ikeiD.pdf
Ray & Pam Murray 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Real Journeys 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rebecca Ambler 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rebecca Tate 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rebekah Higgs 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Redmetal Vineyards Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Reg Hennessy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Reginald Guthrie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Regional Public Health (Greater Wellington Region) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Regional Public Health (Greater Wellington Region) Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Regional Tourism Organisations New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Religious Society of Friends (Kapiti) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Whanganui Taranaki 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Religious Society of Friends(Christchurch) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rene Babbington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Restaurant Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Reuben Lowe 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Alan Judge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Dennis Flett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Gordon & Mrs Annette Langrell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Graham Lamont and 221 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Graham Lamont and 221 others Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Graham Lamont and 221 others Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Graham Lamont and 221 others Supp3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Nora L. Calvert 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev Robin G. Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev. Bob Cooper 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rev. Jane Heyes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Reverend Bob Cooper 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rhonda Puddle 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rhys Pollard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Green 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Northey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Roberton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Sheldrake 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Stone 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Wheeler 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard and Estelle Jaine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard and Margaret Logan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richie Stewrd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richmond Park Practitioners Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rita Dibert 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Riverside Network Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Riverton Community Charitable Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rob Thomas 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rob Wayne 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert Goijarts 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert McLachlan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert R Scott 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert Ryburn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert William McCarthy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert and Ayleen Coppard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robin Allen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robin Donaldson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robin Greenfield 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robin Robins 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robyn Cantlon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robyn Delamore 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robyn Ryburn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rochana Moon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rodney Health Link 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Roger Ewer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Roger Hall 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ron Bartlett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ron Fisher 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ronald D'Souza 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Roni Alder 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rory Innes-Mills 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosalind Broadmore 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosalind Horsman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosemarie Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosemarie Toal 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosemary Collier 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosemary Lamb 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosemary Mattiews and 152 others (Green Postcard) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosemary P Campbell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosemary Walker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rosie Staite 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ross Alistair Gillanders 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ross Beadle 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ross Henderson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ross Kerr and Adrienne Brewerton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ross Murphy and Liquor Licensing Bureau 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ross Seagar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rotorua District Community Law Centre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rotorua District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...aDist.pdf
Rowan Moulder 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Roy Ramsey 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Roy and Ann Fear 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Royal New Zealand Plunket Society,Inc 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Royal Oak Baptist Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rt Revd Dr David Coles 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ruapehu District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rukmani Iyer, lawyer 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Russell School Board of Trustees 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Russell Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ruth Bonita 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ryan Hamilton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ryan Kennedy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
S K Vaughan and 9 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
S Robertson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
SD Pickering 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
SHORE and Whariki Research Centre Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
SHORE and Whariki Research Centre Supp 2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
SHORE and Whariki Research Centre, School of Public Health, Massey University 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
SKYCITY Entertainment Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...yEnte.pdf
Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Safe Waitakere Injury Prevention Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Safer Christchurch Injury Prevention Coordinating Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sally Banks 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Salvation Army (Whangarei) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Salvation Army (Whargarei Corps) and 68 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sam Knight 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sandra Hill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sandra Leak 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sandra Toone 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sandwiches Entertainment Venue Wellington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sarah Finlay 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sarah Forbes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Schnappa Rock Restaurant 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Schnapps Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Scott Blair 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Scott Pearson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Scott Walters 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Selwyn C.Yeoman 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Selwyn District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...Distr.pdf
Selwyn Manning 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Seventh-day Adventist Church Board (Whakatane) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sharyn Parker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shaun Biesiek and John Mcleod 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shaun Cavanagh 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shaun Hayward 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sheila Brookes-Ball 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sherill Allen 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sheryl Trebilcock 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shirlene Hemi 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shirley Hosking 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shirley Kempf 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shirley Snowdon 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shona Davison 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shonelle Eastwood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sian Davis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sileni Estates 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Silvia Cartwright 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Simon Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sisters of Mercy Wiri 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Snow Park Holdings 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Social Justice Committee Anglican Parish of Oamaru-Maheno 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Society of Medical Officers of Health 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sophie Bell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Soroptimist International of Waimea 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
South Waikato District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
South Waikato Safer Community Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Southdown Estate Vineyards 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Southern Cancer Network 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Southern District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Southern District Health Board Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Southern District Health Board Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Southland Interagency Forum 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Spade Oak VIneyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Spencer Walker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Spreydon Baptist Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
St Andrew's Geraldine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
St John of God Hauora Waipuna 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
St Johns Presbyterian Church (Rotorua) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
St Mary's Merivale Social Justice Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
St. Giles Presbyterian Church 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stanley Halliwell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Star Metro Holdings 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Star Metro Holdings Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephanie Rotarangi 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen Allen Brewster 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen Greenfield 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen J Gill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen John Cook 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen John Moore 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen Russell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen Shirmin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen Sparrow 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen and Rae Brooker 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Steve Langley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stewart Patrick 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stirling Vines 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stopping Violence Servcies (Nelson) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stuart Alistair Macann 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stuart Mundy-McPherson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Submitter 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sue Bagshaw 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sue Bancroft 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sue Grant 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Suncourt Hotel & Conference Centre Taupo 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sunita Kashyap 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Super Liquor Holdings 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Super Liquor Holdings Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Super Liquor Holdings Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Super Liquor Holdings Supp3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Super Liquor Kamo 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Super Liquor Mosgiel, Andersons Bay, Dunedin and Cumberland St 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Super Liquor Trentham 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Susan Buckley 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Susan Elizabeth Walthert 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Susan Gill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Susan Horne 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Susan John 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Susan Stuart 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Suzanne Aubert Compassion Centre Wellington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
T Bridson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
T. Hobson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
TGH Tote and Furnace 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tahu Goldsmith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tairawhiti Abuse Intervention Network (TAIN) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tairawhiti Distict Health 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Takapuna Methodist Church Public Questions Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tamati Patuwai 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tania Smith 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tara Joe Moala 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tasman District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tauranga City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tavern Harewood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Taylors (1998) Limited 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Taylors (1998) Limited Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Aitanga a Hauiti Hauora 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ika Whenua Hauora (CAYAD) Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ika Whenua Hauora (CAYAD) Supp 2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ika Whenua Hauora (CAYAD) Supp 3 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ika Whenua Hauora (CAYAD) Supp 4 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ika Whenua Hauora _CAYAD 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ika Whenua Hauora _Youth Development Team 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ika Whenua Hauora _Youth Progrmmes Team 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Koohi Kaumatua Roopu 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Kupenga whakaoti Mahi Patunga National Network 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Mata Estate 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ohu Rata o Aotearoa (Te ORA) - Mäori Medical Practitioners Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Pou Manawa Iwi Collective Forum 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko I Te Ora 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Runanga o Aotearoa, New Zealand Nurses Organisation 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Tai Tokerau branch of the Public Health Association of New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Teko Youth Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Waipuna Puawai 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Te Whanau Putahi 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ted Verrity 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Temple View Residents Association, Hamilton 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Temple View Residents Association, Hamilton Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tepaeru Rima Alosio 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Terence John Dunleavy MBE, JP, FWINZ 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Terry McIvor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Terry Sumner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tetley Brook Estate 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Thames Coromandel Branch - HANZ 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Asian Network Inc 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Cambridge Hotel (Aaron Turner) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Cambridge Hotel (Danial Keith) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Cambridge Hotel (Ewan Berwick) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Duke of Gloucester 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The General Practitioner 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Glen Innes Drug and Alcohol Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Gurnard Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Junction Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Karangahape Road Business Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Karangahape Road Business Association Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Karangahape Road Business Association Supp2 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Latimer Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Mill Liquorsave 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Moose Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The New Hub's Nelson Youth Transition Services team and Recreation team 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The New Zealand Federation Of Women's Institutes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Occidental (Didrik Andersson) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Occidental (Rachael March) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Occidental (Rochelle Subritzky) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Occidental (Shaun Balckburn) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Personal Advocacy Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Realm Bistro and Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians and New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...vatio.pdf
The Salvation army NZ, Fiji and Tonga territory 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Sporting Clubs Association of New Zealand (SCANZ) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Tasting Room 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The Victoria Arms Hotel Cromwell - Central Otago 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The World Bar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
The World Bar (sydney) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Theo Grul 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Theresa Liew 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Thomas Frederick John Taylor and Mary Ann Taylor 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tilaya Pullar 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tim Hayward 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tim and Carolyn Siegert 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Timaru District Council Safer Communities Committee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Todd Bell 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tom Foulkes 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tom van der Zanden 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tony Young 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Totara Lodge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tourism Industry Association New Zealand 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tracey Fausett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tracey Jongens 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tracey Robinson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tracy Orr 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trade Me 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...eMe_1.pdf
Trayc Gilling 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Treasure Rotorua Steering Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tricia Wood 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trina Baggett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Group (Learnna Collie) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Group (Occidental) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Group (Operations Manager) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Group Holdings (Anton Vermeulen) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Group Holdings (Jason Deane) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Group Holdings (Jeannette Stanley) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Hotel (Michael Santos) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trinity Hotel (Shelly Hughes) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tryphina House Women's Refuge 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Unification Church of Hawkes Bay 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
University of Otago 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...sityo.pdf
University of Otago Centre for Theology and Public Issues 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Unknown 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Upper Hutt City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Valerie Benn 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Valerie Rae 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Valmai and Cliff Nicol 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Vanessa Reddy 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ven Canon John Day 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Victoria Mary Mee 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Victoria University of Wellington 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...iaUni.pdf
Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Victory Community Health Centre 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Violence Free Waitakere 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Vivian Tamatea and 5 others (Purple and Black Postcard) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Vivienne Gillan 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Vivienne McLean 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
VnC Cocktails 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wade Devine 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waiahu Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waiheke Health Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waiheke Island Council of Social Services 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waiheke Local Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waihi Beach Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waikanae Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waikato District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waikato District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waimakariri District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waimakariri Safer Community Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wainuiomata Community Alcohol Working Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waiotapu Tavern 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waipa District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waipara West 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wairakei Resort 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wairarapa Community PHO (WCPHO) Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waitakere Ethnic Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waitakere Youth Councill 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waitapu Estate Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waitemata District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waitomo District Licensing Agency 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Waitomo District Licensing Authority 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wakefield Hotel 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Walter Moughtin 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wanganui District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Warren Hancock 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Warren Jowett 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Warren Stewart 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Warrick Price and 642 others 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Warwick & Janet Silvester 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wellington City Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...gtonC.pdf
Wellington City Missionary 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wellington Mission for Youth 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wellington Youth Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wendy Zemanek 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wesley Porirua 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
West Auckland Trust Services Ltd 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
West Coast Buller Te Rito Family Violence Networks 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Western Bay of Plenty District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...nBayo.pdf
Western Bay of Plenty Youth Access to Alcohol Group 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Whakatane District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...aneDi.pdf
Whanganui District Health Board 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Whangarei District Council 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Whitehorse Tavern 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wilbur Townsend 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
William Henry Gordon Aston 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
William Henry Gordon Aston Supp1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
William Hughes-Games 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
William Milton Harvie 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Women's Christian Temperance Union Auckland Branch 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Women's Health Action Supp 1 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Women's Health Action Trust 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...Healt.pdf
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wycroft Vineyard 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Youth Infusion 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
YouthLaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Yvie Stewart 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Yvonne Curtis 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Yvonne Matson 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
anne gudex 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
iguana street bar & restaurant 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI. 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
sandra gifkins 49SCJE_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.