As of November 2011, this website is no longer being kept uptodate. It contains NZ Parliament debates from November 2005 to November 2011. is volunteer run, and has been in operation since November 2006.

278 submissions in total

Submitter Evidence files
A L Gilbert 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Aaron Gallen 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Aaron Mathie 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Airsoft Auckland 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Airsoft Auckland Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Airsoft Hawkes Bay 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Airsoft Player from most clubs in Christchurch 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Airsoft Sports New Zealand 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan Dickson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan Douglas Walker 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan Gillard 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alan James Webster 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Alexander A Heintz 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Allan Bourne 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andrew David Mercer 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Andy Hulme 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anna Wahl 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Anthony Bold 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Armageddon Paintball 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Auckland Service Rifle Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ben Dover 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bernard Lim 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bill Atkinson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bob Doll Enterprises 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brad McAloon 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brendon Carl Scott 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brent Bailey 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brent Bailey Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brett D Rennie 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Brian John Cotton 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bruce Hendrie 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bruce Murdoch 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Bruck O Muench 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Carl Sigvertsen 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Charles Davies 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Chaz Forsyth 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christian Metzler 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christoher E Mooney 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christopher G Angus 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christopher Rae Finlay 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christopher Rapsey 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Christopher Small 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Clifton Graeme Barrow 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Clive Biddulph 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Colin Jansen 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Colin Ridley 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Corne Ferreira 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Cornelius Eckard 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Craig Benbow 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dan Teeboon 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniel Hansen 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daniel Hows 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dargaville Firearm and Militaria Collectors Club 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Daryll Benson Savage 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Underwood 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dave Farnum 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David A Wood 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David A Wood Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Craze 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Crowther 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David E Stevenson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Ernst von Elling 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Gilchrist 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Kay 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Matthew Holden Tipple 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David R Nash 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David V Selby 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
David Vaughan 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Deborah Ann Eves 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Derek Kelly 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Doug Graham 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Douglas Grant McHardy 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Joseph Wildy 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lech Beltowski 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lech Beltowski Supp2 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lech Beltowski Supp3 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Dr Lech Beltowski Supp4 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Duncan McKee 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Edward Little 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Endre Bernhardt 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Evan Riggir 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Far North Firearms and Shooting Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Finian Heckenberg 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fletcher Dumbar 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Francois van Driel 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Fred Singleton 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gary Burch 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gary Spencer Elmes 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gifford Goldsmith 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Giles Hunter Wildy 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Glen Corby 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graeme McMillan 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Graham L Pask 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant Beesley 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant Beesley Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant Coldicott 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant E Cullen 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant M Hammond 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant McNeil 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant Wallis 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant Wallis Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Grant William Rankin 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Gregg Sheehan 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hamills Retail Group 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Hawkes Bay Firearms and Shooting Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Heiko Franz 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
International Military Arms Society 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James D Henry 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James D Henry Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
James Jones 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jason Davis 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jason Welsh 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jason Williams 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jimmy Kay 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joe Doubleday 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joel Brodrick 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Joel Sanders 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Donald Bryce 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Donald Bryce Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Donald Bryce Supp2 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Donald Bryce Supp3 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Donald Bryce Supp4 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Dyer 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John H S White 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Howat (Firearms Consultant) 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Maine 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Maine Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John Vaughan and Company 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
John William Gerald Smith 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jonathan Beaver 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Jules J Snoyink 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kaitaia Pistol Club 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kelly Morris 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ken Snowden 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kevin Haskell 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kevin Robert Gill 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kopanga Pistol Club 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kramer Pierce 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Kyle Allan Spear 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lee Harper 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Les Hurford 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Leslie Prendergast 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Lindsay Sandilands 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Marcel van Leeuwen 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mark D McNicholl 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mark Fogarin 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mark Gibbin 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Martin Dannefaerd on behalf of the New Zealand Paintball Industry 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Martin Wills 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mathew Pawson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Matt Featherstone 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Matthew Smyth 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Megan Frewin 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Andrew Sawyer 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Earley 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Mitchell 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Michael Rule 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mike Clephane 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mike Loder 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Military Adventure Group 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Mr Gerard John Veugelaers 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Murray Steedman 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Narelle Pierce 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nathan Smith 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Rifle Association of New Zealand (Inc) NRANZ 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
National Shooters Association of New Zealand 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Neil Hayes 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Ammunition 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Ammunition Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Ammunition Supp2 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Antique Arms Association Canterbury 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association Northland Branch 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Armed Constabulary Force Reenactment Society 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Council of Licenced Firearm Owners 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association South Canterbury Branch 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Law Society 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI...landL.pdf
New Zealand Mountain Safety Council 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Muzzle Loading Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Service Rifle Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Service Rifle Association Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Society of Gunsmiths 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
New Zealand Sports Industry Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicholas Cobbett 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicholas Fisher 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicholas John Dillimore 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicholas Preece 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nicole McKee 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nigel Filby 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Nigel Savelkoel 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Oliver Lux Umarex 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Omni Target Club 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Patrick C Cosgrove 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Cooper 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Deeming 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Guinibert 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Langley 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Nankivell 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Rennie 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Sheather 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul Strand 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul W Deeming 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paul de Montalk 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Paulus B Telfer 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter Heatley 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter Keysers 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Peter Michael Selby 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philip James Robert Officer 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Philip Michael Cregeen 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Pistol New Zealand 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Prashantha Kunaratnam 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
R B Spanton 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
R Mihaljevich 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Ralph Cerecke 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Raymond G Dawson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
RedWolf Airsoft Specialist 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Cleghorn 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Downey 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Elliott 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Lincoln 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Lincoln Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard W Fisher 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Richard Yang 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert Douglas Wilson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Robert Smith 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rodney M Woods 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rommel de Jesus 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Rory Clarke 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Scott Baldwin 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Scott Parker 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Scotty Nankivell 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sean Regan 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sean Wickham 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shane Simpson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Shaun Hayward 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Simon Robert Potter 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Spencer Lloyd Thomas 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand Northland Branch 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stephen Goodman 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Steve Henderson 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stuart J Hayman 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Stuart Thomas Hall 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Terence Wayne Douglas 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Timothy Walter Randle 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tobin Bradwell 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tony Mckinnon 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Tony Stewart 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trademe 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trademe Supp1 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trademe Supp2 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trembath Raymond John 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trent Bishell 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trent Helmbright 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Trevor Gerald Toi 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Vincent Weng 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Virginia Sharp 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Warwick Stainton 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wayne Foulkes 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wellington Service Rifle Association 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Westcoast Airsoft Rangers Club 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
William John Terry 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Wilson Penman 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Xiao Hong 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.
Youngs Airgun Centre Limited 49SCLO_EVI_00DBHOH_BI.