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Corrections (Mothers with Babies) Amendment Bill

This bill amends the Corrections Act 2004 to enable children of female prisoners to be accomoadated with their mothers until the age of 24 months for the purpose of breastfeeding and bonding; provided that this is in the best interests of the child, and that certain other conditions are met.

Bill Events

Event Date
Royal Assent 25 Sep 2008
Third Reading 11 Sep 2008 Bill read a third time.
Procedure 9 Sep 2008
In Committee 2 Jul 2008,
30 Jul 2008 (resumed)
Bill to be reported with amendment presently.
Second Reading 21 Nov 2007,
16 Apr 2008 (resumed),
21 May 2008 (resumed)
Bill read a second time.
SC Reports 9 Nov 2007 The Law and Order Committee reported on this bill. View the bill as reported from the committee of the whole House at the New Zealand Legislation website.
Submissions Due 8 Sep 2006
First Reading 28 Jun 2006 Bill read a first time.

Bill referred to the Law and Order Committee.referred to Law and Order Committee
Introduction 15 Jun 2006 Philip Goff was the member in charge of this Member's bill.

View the bill at introduction at the NZ Legislation website.

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