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Identity Information Confirmation Bill

The purpose of this bill is to provide a consent-based service to allow both private and public sector agencies to check identity information.

There have been 15 submissions on this bill.

Bill Events

Event Date Ayes Noes Abstentions
SC Reports 18 Apr 2011 The Government Administration Committee reported on this bill. View the bill as reported from the Government Administration Committee at the New Zealand Legislation website.
Submissions Due 1 Dec 2010
First Reading 7 Sep 2010,
9 Sep 2010 (resumed),
14 Oct 2010 (resumed),
19 Oct 2010 (resumed)
Bill read a first time.

Bill referred to the Government Administration Committee.
Ayes 111
National 58
Labour 41
Maori 5
Progres. 1
United F. 1
Noes 9
Green 9
Introduction 24 Aug 2010

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