As of November 2011, this website is no longer being kept uptodate. It contains NZ Parliament debates from November 2005 to November 2011. is volunteer run, and has been in operation since November 2006.

924 submissions in total

Submitter Evidence files
'Arts in the Supercity' working party 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
13 Business Improvement Districts and Mainstreet Associations of Manukau 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
ASB Community Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
ASB Community Trust Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
AUT Institute of Public Policy Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
AUT Institute of Public Policy Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
AUT Institute of Public Policy Supp3 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Adam Bawes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Adrian Pryor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Adrian Riegen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Aidan Burch Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Aidan Burch Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Aidan Burch, Melanie Haycock and Joni Burch 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alan and Dorothy McGray 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alastair Jamieson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Albany Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alcohol Healthwatch 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alethica Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alex Lanning 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alex Muir 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alexis Smith 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alexis Smith Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alexis Smith Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alice Mila 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alison Fletcher 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Alistair Gillies 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Allan Matson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Allan Matson Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Allen Davies 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Andrew Jull 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Andrew McKay 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Andrew Miller 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Andrew Watkins - OneWaiheke 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Angela McCarthy 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Angela McCarthy Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Angus Duncan Crombie 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Anna fomison 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Anne Priestley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Anne Ronaldson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Anne Woodroofe 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Annette Cook 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Annette Cook Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Annie Gordon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Anthony Blom 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Anv Grace 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Aranne Donald 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Archives and Records Association of New Zealand (ARANZ) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Arnold R Turner 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Arnold R Turner Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Artists Alliance Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa (Creative New Zealand) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Arts Regional Trust Te Taumata Toi-a-iwi (ART) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...tiono.pdf
Auckland Amenities Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Associated Moutain Clubs (AAMC) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland CBD Residents' Advisory Group Inc. (RAG) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Chamber of Commerce 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...dCham.pdf
Auckland City Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...dCity.pdf
Auckland City Council Community Boards chairpersons 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland District Council of Social Services 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland District Council of Social Services Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Festival Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Injury Prevention Forum 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland International Airport 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Museum Institute 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Museum Trust Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Observatory and Planetarium Trust Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Pacific Forum Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Pacific Peoples Governance Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Region and Far North Community Boards Inc. 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Region and Far North Community Boards Inc. Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Region and Far North Community Boards Inc. Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Regional Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...dRegi.pdf
Auckland Regional Holdings 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Regional Public Health Service 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...dRegi.pdf
Auckland Theatre Company 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Transition Agency 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...dTran.pdf
Auckland Women's Centre 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Auckland Writers and Readers Festival 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Audrey Evans 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Audrey van Ryn 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Audrey van Ryn Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Automatic Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Avondale Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Avondale Roskill Residents Association (ARRA) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
BA and HM Manson and CA and DR Greenslade 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Babara Jones 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Barbara Lucy Baragwanath 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Barbara McNally 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Barnardos New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Basil Holmes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Beach Haven Birkdale Residents Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Beatnik Publishing 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ben Burrowes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ben Clark 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Benjamen F. Gussen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bera MacClement 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bernard O'Shaughnessy 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bernard Rhodes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bevan Chuang 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bevin Fitzsimons 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bill Leonard 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Birkenhead Northcote Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bobbie Carroll 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Botany Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Botany Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Botany Community Board Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Brent Cryer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Brent Morrissey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Brian Murphy 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Brian and Robin Griffiths 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Brian and Sue Oakes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Brian van Dam 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bridget Graham 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bridget Graham Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Brigette Lorenz 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bronwyn Cheryl Dutton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bronwyn Cheryl Dutton Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bruce Harvey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bruce Middleton - Revised sub 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bruce Middleton Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Bryan Parris 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Cameron Walker 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Campaign for Fair Ferry Fares 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Campaign for Fair Ferry Fares Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Campbells Bay Residents and Ratepayers 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Carla Jehle 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Carol Symington 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Carol Weitzel 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Caroline Mabry 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Catherine Denisov 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Catherine Lee 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Cathy Young 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ceilla Govind 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Centre for Resource Management Studies 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...orRes.pdf
Centre for Urban and Transport Studies 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Centre for Urban and Transport Studies Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Centrestage Theatre Company (Orewa) Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Charles Lilly 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Child Poverty Action Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...verty.pdf
Child Safety Foundation New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Children's Commissioner 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Chris H Williams 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Chris Randell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Christine O'Brien 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Christine Thoroughgood 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Citizen's Transport Coalition 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Citizens' Advice Bureaux Auckland City 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
City Vision 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
City Vision Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clare Bates 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clare Davies 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clari Davies 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clark Thomborson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clark Thomborson Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clark Thomborson Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clark Thomborson Supp3 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clevedon Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clive Taylor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clive Teare 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clyde H Scott 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clyde H Scott Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Clyde Johnson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Coastguard Northern Region 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Colin Beardon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Colin Todd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Colin Todd Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Colin Whiting 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Colleen Pilcher 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Combined Auckland Youth Councils Forums 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Combined Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) of Manukau Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Combined Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) of Manukau 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Committee for Auckland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Committee for Auckland Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Coalition For Auckland Voices of Tamaki Makaurau 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust Supp3 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust Supp4 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust Supp5 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust Supp6 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Community Waitakere Charitable Trust Supp7 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Cooper and Company 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Coralie van Camp 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Coralie van Camp Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Counties Power Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Counties Power Limited Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Craig Vincent Powell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Cycle Action Auckland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Cycle Action Auckland Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dale Bradley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Daniel Findon and Catherine Murray 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Danielle Romanes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dave Breuer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dave and Ann Hurley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dave and Dot Malan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Alan Colbrown 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Barr Thomson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Hodges 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Holm 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David MacClement 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Mather 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Tapp 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Tapp Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Thornton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
David Yates 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Debi Moore 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dee Austring 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Denise Roche 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Denise Wellm 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dennis Brown 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dennis Brown Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dennis Brown Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dennis C Hamblin 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Denny Reid 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Depot Artspace 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Desiree Lynette Aicken 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Desmond Leota 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Devonport Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Devonport Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Diana Elliot 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Diana Rowan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Diane M Baguley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dianne Gatward 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Don and Noreen Clark 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Donna Wynd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Doris de Pont 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dorte Wray 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Catherine Harvey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Cathy Casey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr David Gilbert 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr David Hirst 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr J D M Fairgray 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr J D M Fairgray Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr John Salmon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr John Salmon Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Judy and Dr Peter Blakey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Kenneth Palmer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Lorna Dyall 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Mels Barton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Paul Robinson, and Mrs Jean Robinson Residents, 57 Cristian Road, Swanson, Waitakere City 0614 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Thomas Michael Jenkin 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr Tony Minervino 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr. Alison Towns 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr. Katharina Bauer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr. Katharina Bauer, Member of Grey LYnn 2030 transition town 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr. Paul Cullen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Dr. Ry Tweedie-Cullen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
East Committee Rodney Community Arts Council Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eastern Bays Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eastern Bays Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eastern Manukau Arts Trust and Te Tuhi Centre for the arts (Eastern Manukau Arts Trust) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eden Albert Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eden Albert Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eden Valley Mainstreet Business Association Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Edward Exton Fletcher Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eileen Boyd-Craig 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eileen Evans 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eileen van Dam 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Elaine Dyer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eleanor Stantonr 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Electricity Networks Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...cityN.pdf
Elisabeth Rose Anderson Laird 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Elisabeth Vaneveld 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Elisabeth de Man 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Elisabeth van Alkemade 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Elizabeth Anne Jones 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Elizabeth Jane Worley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Elizabeth V Alkemade 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Emily Smith 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...rsand.pdf
EnviroWaste Services Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Environment Waikato 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Environment and Conservation Organisations of New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...ronme.pdf
Environmental Defence Society 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eric Mather 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Eric Weaver 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Estuary Arts Centre 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ewen Skinner - Morrison Low and Associates 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Farmers of New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Federated Farmers of New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...edFar.pdf
Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand (Inc) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Felicity Day 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Film Auckland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Film Construction 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Film New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Fiona Johnston 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Fiona McNicholl 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Flash Langley (replacement) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Flash Langley Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Flash Langley Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Flash Langley Supp3 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Flash Langley Supp4 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Flash Langley Supp5 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Forum for Auckland Sustainable Transport 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Frances Ginivan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Frances and Bill BELL 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Franklin District Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...nDist.pdf
Franklin4Democracy Action Committee 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Freda Blanchard 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Friends of Oakley Creek Te Auaunga 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gareth Jones 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gavin Logan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gavin Logan Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gaylene Mackereth 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Genevieve Utting 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Geoff Bridgman and Deryn Cooper 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Geoffrey John Beresford (BA LLB (Hons), LLM (Hons) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Geoffrey Johnston 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
George Blanchard 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
George Blanchard Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
George Lyle 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gerard Hill - The Great Ponsonby ArtHotel 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gerd Loos 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Glenda Peake 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Glenfield Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Glenfleld Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gordon Levet, and John Turner 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Graeme Easte 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Graeme Hammonds 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Grant La Hood 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Grassroots Action Group (GAG) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Great Barrier Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Greater East Tamaki Business Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Greenfingers Garden Bags Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Greg Presland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Gretchen Schubeck 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Grey Lynn 2030 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Grey Power Northshore Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Guy Bibby 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Haines Planning 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Hauraki District Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Hauraki District Council Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Hauraki Islands Branch Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Hauraki Maori Trust Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...Maori.pdf
Henderson Valley Residents Assoc. (HVRA) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Henderson and New Lynn Community Boards 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Hilary Jones 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Howick Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Howick Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Hugh Grenfell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Huhana Davis 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Huhana Davis Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Huia-Cornwallis Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Human Rights Commission 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...ghtsC.pdf
I. Muller 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
IHI (Iwi Have Influence) Action Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
IPENZ Transportation Group, Auckland Northland Branch 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ian Denis Powell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ian Drysdale 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ian Gordon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ian Gould 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ian and Barbara Dutton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Injury Free Counties Manukau 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Injury Prevention Network of Aotearoa New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Institute of Public Policy, Local Government Centre, AUT University 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Institution of Professional Engineers' New Zealand (IPENZ) and Association of Local Government Engineering NZ Inc (trading as INGENIUM) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
J Spencer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
J Spencer Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
J Spencer Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jacqueline Amoamo 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
James Alexander Lewis Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
James Houston 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
James Pole 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
James William Dawson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
James William Dawson Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jan Barnes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jan Heijs 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jane Gilmour 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jane Pinder 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Janice B. Cruickshank 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Janice Fiddes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Janine Gardiner 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Janusz Malowaniec Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Janusz and Patricia Malowaniec 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jarad Bryant 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jason Tudor Sanders 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jean Hatch 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jean Silver 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jeffery Ronald Saunders 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jennifer Haraki 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jennifer Haraki Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jennifer Taylor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jenny Macdonald 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jeremy Dumble 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jeremy Galvib 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jerome Partington 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jerome Partington Supp 1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jim and Jo-ann Farnell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jo Knight Zero Waste New Zealand Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jo Robinson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Joan Isabel Barton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Joanna Fadyl 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Joanna van den Bergen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Joanne Harland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Joel Cayford 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Edgar 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Elliott 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John G Riddell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Hayward 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John M Stansfield 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Mackay 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Pearce 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Railton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Robert Smeed 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Shaw 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Shears 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Sloane 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John Staniland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John and Barbara Lusk 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
John kirikiri 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jon Carapiet 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jon Randall Farrant 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jonathan Godfrey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jude Graveson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Judy Johannessen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Julia Meek 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Julie Baverstock 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Julie Gould 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Juliet Yates 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Juliet Yates Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Juliette Barbro Laird 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Jym Clark 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
K. I. Cowan and M. J. Larson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kaipara District Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kaipara District Council Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kaipatiki Project Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Karekare Residents and Ratepayers Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Karen Brown 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kath Dewar 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kathleen O'Sullivan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kay Thexton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kayla Mackenzie-Kopp 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Keith Francis Philip Wilkie 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Keith Henderson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Keith Sharp 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kerry Bevin 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kerry Marinkovich 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kim Walker 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kit Howden 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kit Howden Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kris Burrows 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kris Burrows Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kristi Anderson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kubi Witten-Hannah J.P 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kumeu/Huapai Residents and Ratepayers Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Kyle Parker 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Labour Local Government Sector Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Labour Local Government Sector Council Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lance R Taylor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Land Solutions 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Last Light Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lawrence Carter 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leaf Burrows 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leaf Burrows Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leanne Page 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leanne Taylor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leith Duncan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leith Duncan Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Len Richards 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leon Narbey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Leonie McIndoe 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Levent Okyay 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Linda Crowsen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Linda Kaiou (Lin) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Linda Oppenheimer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Linda Ruthe 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Linda Swift 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lisa Markwick 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lisa Prager 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Living Earth 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Living Streets Aotearoa 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Liz Westbrook 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Local Government Forum 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Local Government New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...vernm.pdf
Lorraine Stone 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lucy Hawcroft 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Luis Lachica 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Luke Ballantine 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lusi Schwenke 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lydia Sosene 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lynda Williams 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Lynette Loris Reed and Groome Noel Reed 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
M Carol Scott 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Maire Leadbeater 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Malcolm France 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mandy McMullin 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Manfred Staab 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mangere Bridge Progressive Business Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mangere Bridge Progressive Business Association Inc Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mangere Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Manukau City Baptist Church 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Manukau City Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...CityC.pdf
Manurewa Community Boards 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Marcia Christina vandek Mael 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Marcus Paul Coverdale 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Margaret Baker 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Margaret Bijl 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Margaret Mills 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Margaret Todd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Margie Thomson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Marijke Ransom - Planning and Design Works Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Marijke Ransom - Planning and Design Works Ltd Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Marilyn Kohlhase 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Marina Kokanovic 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mark Crossley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mark Donnelly 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mark Paterson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Martin Bruce Roberts 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Martin Sutcliffe 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Martin and Sheila Hayes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mary Flaws 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mary Holm 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mary-Ann de Kort 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Massey Community Board of the Waitakere City Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Massey Matters 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Massey and Birdwood Settlers Association Incorporated 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Matthew Hodgetts 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Matthew McIvor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Maungakiekie Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
May Ling Helen Meyer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
McLaren Park and Henderson South Community Initiative Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Meadowood House Incorporated 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Megan Courtney 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Megan Vertelle 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Melanie Scott 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Melanie Tuscia 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Melean Absolum 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Merle Barrett 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mesepa Edwards 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Michael Andreasen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Michael Scott 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Michael Terry 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Michael Terry Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Michelle Kean 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Millie Watkins 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Moana Herewini 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Moana Herewini Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mona and Bill Townson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mona and Bill Townson Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mt Albert Residents Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mt Eden Village Mainstreet and Business Association Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mt Wellington Licensing Trust (MWLT) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Mt Wellington Licensing Trust (MWLT) Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Museum of Transport and Technology Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Museum of Transport and Technology Society 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
NZ Labour Party Pacific Sector 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
NZ Sculpture OnShore Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
NZAAHD Auckland Regional Branch 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nadine McDonnell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nadine McDonnell Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nan Gibson-Brine 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Natasha DF Sirett 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Natasha Henry 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nathan James Ngatai 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Neil Henderson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Neil Miller 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Neil Miller and Debbie Hager 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nevine Tawfik 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
New Zealand Community Board Executive Committee 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...andCo.pdf
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
New Zealand Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...andFe.pdf
New Zealand Film Connection 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
New Zealand Historic Places Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
New Zealand Law Society 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...andLa.pdf
New Zealand National Maritime Museum Trust Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
New Zealand Opera Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
New Zealand Refining Company Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...andRe.pdf
Newmarket Business Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nexus Senior Sustainability Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ngati Whatua O Kaipara 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ngati Whatua O Kaipara Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ngati Whatua O Orakei Maori Trust Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ngati Whatua O Orakei Maori Trust Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nico Woodward 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nico Woodward Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nigel Bartlett 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Nigel Vaughan Smith 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Noelene Buckland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Noreen Giles 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Noreen Margaret Clark and Donald Ross Clark 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Harbour Business Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore City Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore City Council Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore Community and Social Services Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore Events Centre Trust Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore Events Centre Trust Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore Pasefika Forum Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore Theatre and Arts Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore Town Centres Business Associations Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore YouthworX Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
North Shore and Community Social Services Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
NorthWestern Community Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Northern Action Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Northern Amalgamated Workers Union 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
O-I New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Objectspace Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Olga Brochner 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Onehunga Business Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Onehunga Business Association Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Otahuhu Steering Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Otara Citizens Advice Bureau 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Otara Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Owen and Joy Lewis 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
PACIFICA Auckland Central and Timeout and Tamaki Branches 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pacific Economic Development Agency Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pacific Island Advisory Committee 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pakuranga Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pakuranga Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pam Sellers 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pam Unkovich 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pamela Gill 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pamela Mills 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Panmure Business Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Panmure Community Action group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Papakura District Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...aDist.pdf
Papatoetoe Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Papatoetoe Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Parnell Community Committee 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Parnell Community Committee Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Parnell Community Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Parnell Community Trust Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Parnell Heritage Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pasefika Heritage Movement 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pasifika Injury Prevention Aukilana Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pat Bolster 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pat and Ron Watson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patricia Bolton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patricia La Roche 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patricia La Roche Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patricia La Roche Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patricia Reade 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patrick Doherty 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patrick Thoroughgood 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Patrisha O'Sullivan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Paul Bates 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Paul Drake 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Paul Harris 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Paul Scotti 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Paula Gillon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Penny Bright 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Penny Bright Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peta Joyce 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peta Joyce Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Aimer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Bartlett 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Buckton 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Buckton Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Friedlander 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Fuller 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Fuller Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Georgetti 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Hosking 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter John Bloomer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Maddison 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter McConnell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter McCurdy and Family 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Michael Steel 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Thompson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Peter Wichman 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Philip Jones 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Philip Jones Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Phillip Chase 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Phyllis Anscombe 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Phyllis Anscombe Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pieter Watson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pita Rikys 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pita Vete 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Pohutukawa Coast Community Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Powerco Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...Limit.pdf
Preserve the Swanson Foothills Society Inc. 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Preston Bailey Peryman 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Princes Street branch of the New Zealand Labour Party 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Property Council New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Protect Piha Heritage Society Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Protect Piha Heritage Society Inc 1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Prue Elvidge 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Prue Elvidge Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Public Service Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Raeburn House 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rainbows End and Rivers Environmental Group Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ralph Lyon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ramon Thackwell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ranui Action Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rean Fadyl 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rebecca Potts 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Red Locations LTD 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Reverend Jean Brookes and Reverend Anne Moody 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Richard Challis 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Richard Green 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Richard Pidgeon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Richard Thumath 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Richard Wesley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rob Fenwick - Replacement Sub 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rob Taylor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rob Thomas 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robert King 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robert White 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robert White Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robert and Margaret Coldham 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roberta Pereira 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robin Duke 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robin Ira Campbell 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robin Lorenz Hill 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Robyn Laing 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rodney District Council Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rodney District Council Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rodney Economic Development Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roger Bryant 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roger Bryant Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roger Levie 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roger and Joanna Booth 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roger, June and Zola Turner 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roimata Macgregor 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roma Parker 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Romy Udanga 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ron Miller 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rose Lovell-Smith 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rose Lovell-Smith Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rose Lovell-Smith Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rosemary Arnoux 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Rosemary Arnoux Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Roslyn Hiini 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ross Porter 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ross Williams 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Russell Haley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ruth Gordon 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Ruth Milburn 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
S R Hordwick 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Safekids New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Samantha Wilson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sandra Jones 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sandra Knight 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sandro Kopp 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sarah Grimes 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sarah Metcalfe and Nicholas Ascough 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B. 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B. Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Scott Griffiths 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Service and Food Workers Union 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Service and Food Workers Union Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sheila Jeaffreson Jeaffreson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sheila Pritchard 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Shirin Brown 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Shona Sangster 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
ShoreSafe 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sigrid Shayer 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Silo Theatre Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Simon Brown 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Simon Griffiths 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Simon John Tapp 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Simon and Frances Breeze and Family 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sione Tauliaki 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sir Harold Marshall KNZM 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sir Harold Marshall KNZM Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sir Harold Marshall Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sir Harold Marshall Supp3 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
South Pacific Pictures Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
South Titirangi Ratepayers and Residents Association Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
South Titirangi Residents and Ratepayers Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Springleigh Residents Association (Mt Albert) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
St Heliers Glendowie Residents Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
St Heliers Village Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Stephen Moore 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Steve Marshall 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Steve Peverley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Steve Roigard 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Su Yin Khoo 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sue Fitchett 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sue Fitchett Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Susan Battye 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Susan Potter 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Susan Washington 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Susan Washington Supp 1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Susanne Vincent 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Susi Newborn 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Sustainable North Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Suzanne Dowling 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Suzanne Weld 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Suzanne Weld Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tagata Pasefika Community Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tagata Pasefika Community Group Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Takapuna Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tamaki Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tamaki Community Board Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tamaki Regional Mana Whenua Forum 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tamaki Treaty Workers 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tamaki Treaty Workers Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tania Pita 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tania and Sapati Pita 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Taupakl Resident and Ratepayers Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Te Atatu Peninsula Business Association Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Te Ora o Manukau 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Te Ora o Manukau Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Te Runanga o Ngati Whatua 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Te Taumata Runanga 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Te Ukaipo Mercy Initiatives for Rangatahi Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tet Woo Lee 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
The Aucklander 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
The Campaign for Better Transport Incorporated 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
The Waste Resources Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
The Waterview Environmental Society Inc. 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
The Weedfree Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Thomas Walter Harvey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tim Feather 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tim Hansen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tim McMains 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tim Selwyn 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Timothy Aperahama Te Moke Morrison 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Titirangi Ratepayers and Residents Association 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Toa Greening - Papatoetoe Community Board Member 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tom Buckley 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tom Mahoney 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tongan Confederated Society of New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tony Mayow 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tourism Industry Association New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tracey MacLeod 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Ltd 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Transpower New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Transpower New Zealand Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Trevor Darvill 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Trevor G Bridge 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Tu Nguyen 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Urban Design Forum New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Uzra Balouch 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Uzra Balouch Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Valma and Ernie Gidman 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Vector Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...upp1_.pdf
Veronica Friedlander 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Vic Shankland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Vicky Tsang 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Vivienne Leys 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Volunteering Auckland Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
W.R. Townson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waiata Artist Trust Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waiheke Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waiheke Gulf News 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waiheke Island Community Planning Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waiheke Island Community Planning Group Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waiheke Island Community Planning Group Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waikato District Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waikato District Council Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere City Council 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B...reCit.pdf
Waitakere City Stadium Trust 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere City Stadium Trust Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Ethnic Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Pacific Board Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Pacific Board Inc Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Pacific Board Inc Supp2 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Pacific Board Inc Supp3 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Properties Limited 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Ranges Protection Society 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waitakere Tramline Society Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Walk Auckland 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Warwick and Hueline Massey 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Warwick and Janet Sumpter 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Waste Disposal Services 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Water New Zealand 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Water New Zealand Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
WaterSafe Auckland Inc (WAI) 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Watersafe Auckland Inc (WAI) Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Wayne Mackenzie 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Wayne Walker 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Wayne Walker Supp1 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Wayne Young 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Wendy John 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
West Auckland Historical Society Inc 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
West Coast Plan Liaison Group 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Western Bays Community Board 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Will Ilolahia 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
William Brown 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
William Garden 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
William George Moore 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
William Jordan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
William Robert Wilson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Winston 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
YouthLaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Youthline 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Yvonne Dufaur 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
Yvonne Matheson 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
bruce rogan 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
christian graffeuille 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
evelyn ruth davis 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.
sarah ellis 49SCAGL_EVI_00DBHOH_B.