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Palmerston North Reserves Empowering Amendment Bill

The Palmerston North City Council currently holds certain land under the Palmerston North Reserves Act 1922 which prevents the Council from selling the land. The Council wishes to be able to sell the land if it becomes surplus to the Council's requirements, and this Bill provides the mechanism for this by amending the Palmerston North Reserves Empowering Act 1966.

Bill Events

Event Date Ayes Noes Abstentions
Discharge 19 Sep 2007
Submissions Due 18 May 2007 The Local Government and Environment Committee is considering this bill.
First Reading 28 Mar 2007 Bill read a first time.

Bill referred to the Local Government and Environment Committee.
Ayes 109
Labour 49
National 48
NZ First 7
United F. 3
Progres. 1
indep. 1 (Field)
Noes 10
Green 6
Maori 4
Introduction 15 Mar 2007

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