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Social Assistance (Living Alone Payments) Amendment Bill

The purpose of this bill is to ensure that single superannuitants and veteran's pensioners who are living alone do not have to make a separate application to receive their full entitlement.

There have been 2 submissions on this bill.

Bill Events

Event Date Ayes Noes Abstentions
SC Reports 15 Apr 2011 The Social Services Committee reported on this bill. View the bill as reported from the Social Services Committee at the New Zealand Legislation website.
Submissions Due 4 Feb 2011
First Reading 24 Nov 2010,
14 Dec 2010 (resumed)
Motion agreed:
That the Social Services Committee consider the Social Assistance (Living Alone Payments) Amendment Bill, that the committee report finally to the House on or before 6 May 2011, and that the committee have authority to meet at any time while the House is sitting (except during oral questions), and during any evening on a day on which there has been a sitting of the House, and on a Friday in a week in which there has been a sitting of the House, despite Standing Orders 187 and 190(1)(b) and (c).
Ayes 78
National 58
Green 9
Maori 5
United F. 1
Noes 42
Labour 41
Progres. 1
Introduction 16 Nov 2010

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