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Question No. 10 to Minister

Tuesday 22 November 2005 Hansard source (external site)

MarkRON MARK (NZ First) Link to this

I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I would just ask you to bear with me as I explain my case. I am seeking that you strike out this question on the basis that it is simply coming from Mr Hide, and I will explain. I refer you firstly to Standing Order 59, which states that: “… at the commencement of each sitting the Speaker reads a prayer to the House …”. In this prayer, the House acknowledges our need for God’s guidance in all things and goes on to say: “Laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honour of the Queen and the public welfare …”. I direct you further to Standing Orders 165(1) and 166(1), which stipulate and re-emphasise the rules regarding conflicts of interest.

Mr Hide’s question clearly relates to a property owned by a man whom he has described many times in this House as his very good friend, Dave “Hendo” Henderson. It involves a situation where a property, which Mr Henderson is the owner and landlord of, has been vacated by the Inland Revenue Department. This House, on many occasions, has heard that Mr Hide has received bids from Mr Henderson, has possibly received remuneration for doing work for Mr Henderson in Fiji, and has represented Mr Henderson on numerous occasions. Mr Henderson is a man who is reported to fund the ACT party and to support Mr Hide personally. Now, through the House, Mr Hide is seeking to get commercially confidential information that Mr Henderson would not otherwise have access to in order to put together his bid to retain the Inland Revenue Department as a tenant in his building.

In view of the prayer and the guidance we seek in the way in which we conduct business in this House, and in view of Standing Orders 165(1) and 166(1), which Mr Hide has not complied with, I say that if this question had been asked by any other member of the House it might well have been acceptable, but in its current form coming from Mr Hide—Dave “Hendo” Henderson’s close mate, who has represented Mr Henderson in this House countless times—this question is clearly out of order and should not be permitted to be asked by Mr Hide.

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