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Lianne Dalziel

Member for Christchurch East, Labour Party

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Government Superannuation and National Provident Funds, Petition—Hearing of Submissions (28 Sep 2011)

Answer: "I can confirm that I have not called a meeting of the Commerce Committee to hear submissions on the petition of Allen Hair, and will not be doing so before the rising of the House; I cannot, under Standing Orders, explain why not."

Earthquakes, Canterbury—Insurance (28 Sep 2011)

Question: "When he said “if we want to be the insurer of last resort right here as we stand today, everyone needs to understand what we’re signing up for”, was he indicating his acceptance of the Government undertaking that role, or was he ruling it out?"

Government Superannuation and National Provident Funds, Petition—Request for Submissions (27 Sep 2011)

Answer: "Yes, we have asked the petitioner to provide a written submission. We have received four unsolicited submissions from other organisations, three of which have requested to be heard."

Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation) Bill - Second Reading (27 Sep 2011)

Speech expand: "I particularly want to address a matter of process in respect of the Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation) Bill, which is probably not surprising, given that it is a process bill. I think it is important that when we are reforming and modernising ..."

Housing New Zealand Corporation—Proposed Restructuring (15 Sep 2011)

Question expand: "Has he read any of the evaluations of the community renewal project in Aranui, which has made a substantial difference in terms of the housing stock and in terms of providing the community itself with the foundation it needs for recovery after the massive ..."

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