Mark Blumsky

Not a member of the 49th Parliament

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Financial Advisers Bill - In Committee (24 Sep 2008)

Interjection: "That’s a good point."

Valedictory Statements (24 Sep 2008)

Speech expand: "Mr Deputy Speaker, honourable members, Corinne and Kendra—gosh, you know, no matter how many times you speak in public, you still get nervous, don’t you; isn’t it a shocker? As recently as a week ago I had not intended to make a speech in this House ..."

Waste Minimisation Bill - Third Reading (11 Sep 2008)

Speech expand: "This is probably the last time I will officially stand and speak outside my valedictory speech, and I feel very good about the fact that I am speaking in a very positive way about the Waste Minimisation Bill; it has been a very positive process. I acknowledge ..."

Waste Minimisation Bill - In Committee (10 Sep 2008)

Speech expand: "I was disappointed to hear Mr Norman say he is not going to support this name change, because I believe he gave an assurance to our member Nicky Wagner that he would, and I find that lack of integrity disappointing. I also find it interesting that Mr Norman ..."

Public Transport Management Bill - Second Reading (3 Sep 2008)

Interjection: "Wheelbarrows."

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