Michael Cullen

Not a member of the 49th Parliament

Resigned from Parliament with effect on 30 April 2009, and gave valedictory statement on 29 April 2009.

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National Administration Guidelines—Amendments (29 Apr 2009)

Interjection expand: "I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. Apart from the answer becoming very long, the question that was asked was very straightforward. The question asked whether the Minister had received or asked for advice from health professionals. The answer immediately ..."

Valedictory Statement (29 Apr 2009)

Speech expand: "In rising to give my valedictory speech I am immediately conscious of three things. The first is that such a speech represents an opportunity denied to most mortals—that is, to deliver one’s own funeral oration, or, at least, a progress report thereon. ..."

Prime Minister—Statements (28 Apr 2009)

Intervention: "We are in the classic situation that where an answer goes on for a long time and drifts off into major and provocative irrelevancy, then I am afraid it does come back again upon the person giving the answer. So if the Prime Minister perhaps could control himself to a briefer, more precise and concise answer, there is less likely to be a lot of noise."

Points of Order - Questions for Oral Answer—Unauthenticated Quotations in Questions (9 Apr 2009)

Speech expand: "The Minister raises an important point and one that is worthy of consideration. It seems to me that the answer lies in Ministers’ hands in that particular kind of example, because it is an important example of an unauthenticated supplementary question. But ..."

Business Statement (9 Apr 2009)

Speech: "In light of that statement from the Leader of the House, perhaps I could ask whether there is any intention to take politically non-controversial business on the evening of 29 April, as some of my colleagues may not wish to participate in the events of the House."

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