Murray McCully

Member for East Coast Bays, National Party

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Rugby World Cup—Briefings on Auckland’s Preparedness (14 Sep 2011)

Answer expand: "The member may be aware that the Government is leading the delivery of a range of activities at Queens Wharf, of which it is the part-owner. As a consequence I receive a range of regular reports and briefings regarding its capacity to host planned events. ..."

United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf—Consultation with Tāngata Whenua (8 Jun 2011)

Answer expand: "I am advised that New Zealand’s submission to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in 2006 was a highly technical document presenting scientific data relating to the depth of sediment and geology of underlying rock on the ..."

Development Assistance—Advice on Shift of Focus (7 Jun 2011)

Answer expand: "I consulted a wide range of individuals, including heads of mission, former heads of mission, officials, non-governmental organisation leaders, and representatives of the Governments that receive New Zealand’s development assistance. I also consulted the ..."

Development Assistance—Shift in Primary Focus (7 Apr 2011)

Answer expand: "I have said on many occasions that there is no debate about whether we want to alleviate poverty; the question is, how do we alleviate poverty? With the finite resources available to us, we need to make choices about the sort of assistance that is most likely ..."

Egypt, Protests—Government’s Position on Presidential Resignation (9 Feb 2011)

Answer expand: "Decisions about the future of Egypt are for the people of Egypt to determine. President Mubarak has announced he will stand down in September, and it is clear that a transition in Egypt’s leadership is under way. Along with Governments of many other ..."

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