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Paula Bennett

Member for Waitakere, National Party

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Welfare Dependency—Initiatives to Address (6 Oct 2011)

Answer expand: "This Government believes that we can and we must continue to support people to get off welfare and into work. Under this Government, during very difficult times, we have had a number of successes over the past 3 years. For example, nearly 10,000 people are ..."

Childcare—Out of School Care and Recreation Programmes (4 Oct 2011)

Answer expand: "We have committed an additional $2.8 million for assistance grant funding for out-of-school care and recreation providers, and from November we plan to introduce a simplified set of standards for approval in order to reduce significantly that compliance for ..."

Earthquakes, Canterbury—Trade Skills Training Policy (29 Sep 2011)

Intervention: "Just in light of the conversation we had yesterday, you asked me whether the document was from a website. Yesterday I said that I believed that it was not. I had it in a hard form in front of me; it did not indicate that it was from a website. It turns out later on that it was on a website, which they found, but the document itself was not."

Job Creation—Statistics (29 Sep 2011)

Answer: "Absolutely, particularly in light of statistics released a few weeks ago that show that more people are employed than ever before."

Youth Employment—Work and Income Support (28 Sep 2011)

Answer expand: "As Minister I have recently insisted that we step up our youth employment seminars, rolling them out throughout New Zealand. Over the past few months more than 1,000 seminars have been held, from Northland to Palmerston North, and in Kapiti and Otago. Over 13, ..."

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