As of November 2011, this website is no longer being kept uptodate. It contains NZ Parliament debates from November 2005 to November 2011. is volunteer run, and has been in operation since November 2006.

Standards New Zealand

Standards New Zealand is an organisation that has made one or more submissions to select committees of New Zealand's Parliament.

Submissions to Select Committees

Since September 2007 Evidence submitted
Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill StandardsNewZealand1.pdf
Review of the Emissions Trading Scheme and related matters StandardsNewZealand_120_1.pdf
Report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment on Smart electricity meters: How households and the environment can benefit 49SCCO_EVI_00DBSCH_OT...sNewZ.pdf
Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Bill 49SCLGE_EVI_00DBHOH_B...dsNew.pdf
Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill 49SCLGE_EVI_00DBHOH_B...dsNew.pdf
Building Amendment Bill (No 3) 49SCLGE_EVI_00DBHOH_B...ardsN.pdf

Mentions in Parliament

Standards New Zealand has been mentioned in 11 parliamentary debates since November 2005.