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Points of Order

Standing Orders—Debate

Wednesday 5 October 2011 (advance copy) Hansard source (external site)

MallardHon TREVOR MALLARD (Labour—Hutt South) Link to this

I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I think it is relatively unusual for you to approve of any point of order that looks like it is time-wasting or filling in time, but I think it would probably be appropriate if we can use the next 5 minutes until the valedictories are due in some way that is slightly more positive than starting a debate on the Standing Orders for a short time. I think it is better for that to be taken as a coherent whole. So what I might do is get in front of the—

MallardHon TREVOR MALLARD Link to this

No, I will explain to the member.

PowerHon Simon Power Link to this

Don’t sing, don’t sing.

MallardHon TREVOR MALLARD Link to this

The member says “Don’t sing.” I will explain to the member that when I was in the fourth form the inspectors came to our music class. Noel Lynch was the teacher at the time. He was a good music teacher and a very good English teacher. At the time, when the inspectors came, we, as kids, thought the inspectors were inspecting us. Lynch said to me: “Mallard, can you go in the back row of the choir, please, and will you mouth the words.” He had my musical ability right, and therefore I will not impose any song on the House. But I think it is important, given the fact that we have given a time for the beginning of the valedictories, that the—[ Interruption] That is the 5-minute bell. Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker. A 5-minute bell on the—

TischMr DEPUTY SPEAKER Link to this

No. We will start them.