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Emissions Trading Scheme—Reports

Thursday 15 November 2007 Hansard source (external site)

Hobbs12. Hon MARIAN HOBBS (Labour—Wellington Central) Link to this
to the Minister responsible for Climate Change Issues

What reports, if any, has he received on the proposed emissions trading scheme?

ParkerHon DAVID PARKER (Minister responsible for Climate Change Issues) Link to this

A number of independent reports have supported the scheme’s design. To name but two, the International Energy Agency—the IEA—in its recent report gave the scheme a positive review, and Terry Tamminen, who has been an adviser to Arnold Schwarzenegger on climate change recently, endorsed it on his visit to New Zealand.

HobbsHon Marian Hobbs Link to this

What other reports has the Minister received on the proposed emissions trading scheme?

ParkerHon DAVID PARKER Link to this

I have received reports that this scheme is amongst a number of emissions trading schemes around the world. A large number of countries have already signed up to such schemes. That includes the many countries in the European Union—between 20 and 30. Its scheme commenced in 2005. Other parts of the world that have a scheme in place or are developing one include Norway, Switzerland, various states in the United States, and, of course, Australia. All of New Zealand’s activity has led Gordon Brown to request our Prime Minister to get New Zealand to join the International Carbon Action Partnership, and this is good for New Zealand because it ensures that we are able to advance our interests as we help the world.

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