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Schools—Reports to Parents

Wednesday 15 December 2010 Hansard source (external site)

Peachey3. ALLAN PEACHEY (National—Tāmaki) Link to this
to the Minister of Education

What feedback has she received about the quality of school reports to parents this year?

TolleyHon ANNE TOLLEY (Minister of Education) Link to this

I have received a lot of positive comments about the changes to school reports this year due to this Government’s national standards. Parents are welcoming the plain language information about the progress of their children and about what they can do to help at home. They tell me that it is a huge improvement on previous years and that they have a much better understanding of how their child is doing in reading, writing, and maths.

PeacheyAllan Peachey Link to this

What feedback has the Minister received about other information schools are providing to parents with school reports?

TolleyHon ANNE TOLLEY Link to this

I have been informed that many schools are including information sheets, like the one I am holding, from the ministry with their school reports this term. This information contains helpful tips for parents to help their child’s learning over the summer break. Parents wanted better and clearer information. I am proud to say that this Government is delivering for parents and for students.

MallardHon Trevor Mallard Link to this

How many communications to her has she read that have described the reports based on the template her ministry has published on her behalf as narrow and shallow?

TolleyHon ANNE TOLLEY Link to this

A couple of people have talked to me about their unwillingness to use those templates. The advice I have given them is the advice I have given in this House before—actually, that is just an indication of what schools might deliver. The really important discussions those schools should be having is with the parents so that they are delivering the information parents want from those schools.

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