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Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart—Number of Retrofitted Houses

Tuesday 19 October 2010 Hansard source (external site)

Kaye8. NIKKI KAYE (National—Auckland Central) Link to this
to the Minister of Energy and Resources

How many houses have been retrofitted through the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart home insulation scheme?

SmithHon Dr NICK SMITH (Minister for the Environment) Link to this

The Warm Up—

HipkinsChris Hipkins Link to this

Desperate for patsies today!

SmithHon Dr NICK SMITH Link to this

They do not like it when we are doing good stuff.

SmithMr SPEAKER Link to this

I realise that when members interject, Ministers are at some liberty to respond, but today has got just unnecessarily disorderly, and I am not at all happy with the way questions are being answered. I must make that very clear. I ask the Minister, please, to answer the question.

SmithHon Dr NICK SMITH Link to this

The Warm Up New Zealand scheme started only on 1 July 2009, but in 15 months over 76,000 houses have been made warmer, drier, and healthier under the scheme. Fifty-five percent of those 76,000 houses are those of low-income families, and I think it shows that this practical Government is helping low-income families to reduce their power bills, make their homes safer, and reduce their emissions. It is making them healthier as well as reducing their power bills.

KayeNikki Kaye Link to this

How does the Warm Up New Zealand scheme compare with the previous Government’s home insulation scheme?

SmithHon Dr NICK SMITH Link to this

The rate at which houses are being insulated for families is five times the rate that was achieved under the previous Government—

SmithHon Dr NICK SMITH Link to this

Five times. Rather than having 76,000 homes insulated, if we had continued at the very slow rate under the previous Government, we would have achieved only one-fifth of that number. I think that just shows how committed this Government is to practical measures that will help low-income families and reduce emissions, and it also shows the very balanced approach of the Government to helping both the economy and the environment.

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