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Environmental Improvements—Households

Thursday 6 October 2011 (advance copy) Hansard source (external site)

Macindoe9. TIM MACINDOE (National—Hamilton West) Link to this
to the Minister for the Environment

What practical environmental improvements has this Government achieved for households?

SmithHon Dr NICK SMITH (Minister for the Environment) Link to this

A total of 120,000 homes have been insulated with Government support in this term of Parliament. That is four times the number in the last term. Also, 26,500 homes have been converted, with Government support, to clean heating to reduce air pollution this term. That compares with only 800 in the last term. In addition, 6,740 homes have been converted, with Government support, to solar water heating in the last term, as compared with 200. This last month 28,000 home televisions were recycled under a new scheme piloted by the Government. These are just four examples of successful, practical programmes in which this Government is making real achievements for the environment.

MacindoeTim Macindoe Link to this

What benefits have flowed on from these and other programmes for the New Zealand environment?

SmithHon Dr NICK SMITH Link to this

There have been real benefits, with cleaner air, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, healthier homes, as well as cost savings for households from these programmes. Old dirty fires and log burners are the greatest source of air pollution. These programmes, alongside the tighter fuel and vehicle standards, have contributed to New Zealand in the last year having the cleanest air on record. It is also encouraging that the proportion of renewable power hit a 10-year high and that for 2 years running greenhouse gas emissions have declined, when in the previous decade they had consistently gone up. This Government’s practical environmental programmes are making a real difference for New Zealand.