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Childcare—Out of School Care and Recreation Programmes

Tuesday 4 October 2011 (advance copy) Hansard source (external site)

Young10. JONATHAN YOUNG (National—New Plymouth) Link to this
to the Minister for Social Development and Employment

What changes are being made to Out of School Care and Recreation?

BennettHon PAULA BENNETT (Minister for Social Development and Employment) Link to this

We have committed an additional $2.8 million for assistance grant funding for out-of-school care and recreation providers, and from November we plan to introduce a simplified set of standards for approval in order to reduce significantly that compliance for out-of-school care and recreation providers. We have had a huge increase in the number of providers. The fund was capped so they were getting less money, so we have topped it up by $2.8 million this year.

YoungJonathan Young Link to this

How will these changes support those organisations providing out-of-school care and recreation?

BennettHon PAULA BENNETT Link to this

These changes will ensure that we maintain and expand the supply of out-of-school care and recreation provision while also reducing the bureaucracy and compliance for organisations providing these services. Changes to standards include reducing the number of standards from 11 to six, trusting providers more and monitoring compliance less, making it easier for new providers to establish, and enabling home-based care for after-school care, as well.